A couple having fun dancing.


"Dance.....if your not raised to be a dancer, the word, "dance" can seem quite intimidating. I was intimidated, but also, old enough to realize, the only way you discover new things, is to actually GO and do new things!.

Life isn't always full of tomorrows, and I was tired of waiting on an invitation to life!
I had never had, not one day, of dance training, my whole life....I am in my 30's.. so deciding to start something like this was very foreign to me.

In the last year and a half, my world has been turned upside down...
What I thought my limits were, have long been surpassed...and now, my only limitation is time!!
I wasn't prepared, at all, for the change that has occurred in my heart.  I've never felt more beautiful, confident, challenged, and excited for what's next.

The staff at Fred Astaire, are all so talented and skilled in this art.  They love what they do, and it is contagious!!  This is so much more than just a dance studio, to me, it's a haven, and a place I never leave without a smile!!  It's not about perfection, it's about reflection!  I've done quite a bit of that, and it's made me better, in so many ways!

The word "dance", is not intimidating at all anymore...in fact, it is part of who I am, I'm a dancer.....who would have thought:)"



"Ever since I was a tiny girl, I wanted to dance but fate would not allow it. My parents church taught that dancing was a sin so I grew up dancing in secret and fantasizing about performing like Vera Ellen in  White Christmas. But many years later I went to a competition to watch my daughter in law and her fabulous mother perform and I said why not? I'm an adult, I always wanted to learn how to ballroom so why not  do it. I convinced my husband to sign up for lessons and we learned the basics of ballroom. But we also learned something else. Ballroom was something we made time for each week. It was our date night. Our lives are like everyone else's, very busy but taking lessons together brought us together in a way we never considered.

Another wonderful thing about dancing at Fred Astaire is the people. Every time we walk through the door it's like being with family. We've made new friends and convinced old friends to take lessons with us. Going to the studio is like a little vacation each day. It's relaxing and a great stress reliever. It's great exercise and it's loads of fun. Now I can't imagine my life without dance. It's also proof that it's never too late to make your dreams come true."

-Cindy Holby


"I've been wanting to learn to ballroom dance for years. Finally, I made it a priority and its everything I hoped it would be - Very challenging and totally rewarding. I wish I started earlier. Don't wait, dance now!!"